Portas Capital offers a comprehensive package of services for top athletes. Our goals are to provide advice to support the careers of professional athletes, and to secure their financial independence once their careers come to an end.

Together with our partners at MV Sports Consulting, we have long-standing and comprehensive experience in advising and supporting athletes, sports clubs and international organisations. Our shared network is extensive, and is an excellent resource when it comes to finding solutions to a range of problems.

Legal Advice (Examples):

  • Consultancy in the fields of sports, marketing and corporate law
  • Support during contract negotiations
  • Supervision and audit of external consultants during important investigations or in the event of litigation
  • Protection of trademarks and intellectual property

Financial planning, taxes and asset management

Professional financial planning at every stage of a professional athlete’s career, including insurance, occupational benefits and taxes

Asset management tailored to lifestyle, family plans and risk appetite with a proven track record of over 10 years

More about our partners:

Marco Villiger is the owner and CEO of MV Sports Consulting. Thanks to his experience as Deputy Secretary General and General Counsel of FIFA, Marco Villiger has a deep understanding of the specifics of professional sports, at both a national and international level. Marco Villiger spent many years as head of the Law, Finance, Strategic Planning and Human Resources departments at FIFA. Marco Villiger was instrumental in planning and implementing the various phases of the FIFA reform process, which got underway in 2011, and he was also appointed to the FIFA Reform Committee in 2016.

For almost two decades, Jörg Vollmüller has worked as a consultant within the sports industry, providing strategic advice in the fields of law, operations and marketing. Serving as head of the Commercial Law department at FIFA, and deputy head of the Legal department of an international sports rights agency prior to that, allowed Jörg Vollmüller to develop a deep understanding of and entrepreneurial approach to the sports industry. In terms of experience hosting the World Cup, he was an instrumental voice in strategic planning for holding the FIFA World Cup™, and also in developing the first human rights policy for all FIFA football tournaments.