Priska Hoffmann

Priska Hoffmann


Client advice

Priska Hoffmann has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Following a commercial apprenticeship, she acquired the Swiss Federal Diploma for insurance professionals, majoring in personal insurance. Since 1993, she and her husband Felix Hoffmann have provided independent and neutral solutions and assistance for their clients in all areas of insurance. In 1998, Hoffmann became the first woman in Switzerland to complete the Swiss Federal Diploma to become a Swiss-certified financial planning expert. She is a co-owner and the chair of the board of Argoviesion AG in Baden, which specialises in financial and pension planning. She also completed further education in art at the School of Design Bern and Biel on the theme of “The Human Figure”. Hoffmann and her husband, together with Portas Capital Ltd, provide solutions for private clients and wealthy families, with a focus on those based in Switzerland.

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