We have been managing occupational pension assets for more than eight years. In the form of

  • partial mandates in cooperation with collective foundations.
  • 1e solutions and vested benefit deposit accounts in collaboration with the largest pension platforms.
  • Special mandates in alternative capital investments.

The risk-adjusted returns were above average thanks to a prudent and broadly diversified investment strategy.

Our investment process combines fundamental analysis, quantitative expertise and analysis of capital flows.

We advise pension funds and investment foundations on matters of

  • reconciling assets and liabilities with insured members,
  • macroeconomic risks, currency and interest rate risks,
  • portfolio construction and simulations depending on yield expectations and risk tolerance,
  • asset allocation and product selection,
  • risk monitoring, system risk on financial markets and capital protection.

Our advice is independent and free of any conflicts of interest.

Our experience extends across all asset classes and strategies.

Through our partners, we can access the most up-to-date trends in financial market research (Imperial College, etc.).

We carry out risk analyses and stress tests for total pools of assets on behalf of pension funds, collective foundations and private clients. This type of analysis describes, for example, the sensitivity to shocks in relation to the equity market, interest rates, the CHF/USD exchange rate and GDP growth.

This type of analysis, portfolio simulations and subsequent investment proposals can contain numerous financial instruments in all asset classes. All analyses and recommendations are created individually for our clients and discussed in detail.

Over 70 clients put their trust in our advisory services (pension funds, family offices, banks, independent asset managers, state funds, central banks, etc.).

Cooperation partners

  • Liberty Vorsorge
  • Valitas Sammelstiftung