Advisory services for risk management

Swiss GAAP FER & IFRS financial accounting advisory

  • Consolidated financial statement and consolidation / Deferred taxes
  • Income statement / Financial instruments / Off-balance sheet transactions
  • Foreign currency conversion / Real estate investments
  • Equity capital transactions / Acquisitions / Goodwill
  • Creation and reviews of consolidated balance sheets and income statements
  • Creation and reviews of annexes
  • Selection of the accounting principles
  • Listing of third party transactions
  • Equity method and pro rata consolidation
  • Presentation of segments
  • Impairments / Transfer from HB 1 to HB II
  • English translation of financial reports / Restructurings and recapitalizations

Consultation in financial management

  • Management of bank-related accounting in conjunction with outsourcing partners (Fibu, accounts payable, account receivable, salary)
  • Integrated budgeting over a period of 3 years
  • Monitoring/Adherence to all legal limits
  • Limitation/Generation of monthly/quarterly statements
  • Collaboration with internal and external auditors
  • Handling of the relevant tax calculations (VST, VAT, etc.)
  • Liquidity planning/Liquidity monitoring
  • Monitoring of equity capital
  • Monitoring of currency positions and balancing of the same
  • Monitoring of active/passive lump-sum risks
  • Elimination of active lump-sum risks with suitable investments

Risk management consulting

  • Risk management/SNB and FINMA reporting    
  • Overall risk monitoring for the bank with familiar bank software
  • Monitoring of/Adherence to the liquidity rules (Liquidity 1,L102 Liquidity 2)
  • Monitoring of/Adherence to the liquidity rules (Liquidity 1,L102 Liquidity 2)
  • Monitoring/Elimination of lump-sum risks
  • Reporting of interest rate risks
  • Interest rate risk reporting
  • Submission of all relevant SNB and FINMA reports


  • Establishment of a risk management and compliance system (for around 5,000 customers)
  • IFRS introduction and IPO for a medtech company
  • Over 50 due diligence reviews during the acquisition of subsidiaries
  • Introduction of IFRS group reporting and annual reports for an international financial group in Luxembourg / Zurich.
  • Legal stock exchange review of over 30 annual and interim financial statements according to FER / IFRS / US GAAP
  • "work-out", restructuring, distressed situation management;
  • risks associated with contract execution (contract, disclaimer, etc.).