Commendation in the BILANZ 2022 asset management awards


Each year the “firstfive” company responsible for measuring and assessing investment returns and the magazine BILANZ select the best asset managers in Switzerland.

What’s this about?

In contrast to other rankings, only the facts count here. There is no scope for personally coloured impressions or good grades for companies that buy adverts.

What methodology is used?

When drawing up its ranking the magazine BILANZ assesses and analyses real data from investment returns (client mandates) that were actually achieved for clients. The assessments are provided by firstfive AG in Frankfurt. firstfive manages real, anonymised client deposit accounts in parallel with all transactions, thereby creating the basis for a fair comparison between different figures. The assessments carried out by BILANZ focus in particular on the “Sharpe ratio”, which quantifies the ratio of returns achieved to risk taken on. Those asset managers that achieve the highest Sharpe ratio, or “risk-adjusted return” over a particular period of time across investment strategies with different degrees of risk are commended.

How did Portas Capital AG do?

For 14 months Portas Capital AG has been transmitting relevant investment data relating to mandates to firstfive, specifically for the strategy “Balanced Swiss Francs”. We decided on this strategy because it is the strategy that is the right one for most investment clients, irrespective of the asset manager. Since our investment strategy and the returns achieved in 2022 were affected by considerable volatility, firstfive decided to classify our strategy under the category “Conservative”. In 2022 we were ranked in 2nd place out of all asset managers and banks analysed. Last year we were able to protect our clients’ assets. We have won another international award for the returns achieved by a balanced strategy in Swiss francs over three years. Further details concerning this award will be provided over the coming days.

A spur to perform even better in future

We have been able not only to protect the assets entrusted to us for management but even to grow them, outperforming our competitors, in particular during the last three difficult years on the stock market. For example, the returns achieved for our “Balanced” mandate in 2020 were far above average. Most of the returns achieved by us in 2021 were comfortably into double digits. The successes from the last few years have spurred us yet further to pursue a prudent, active and risk-conscious approach when professionally managing our clients’ assets. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the confidence placed in us.